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 What is your favorite childhood memory?  Is it baking with mom, fishing with dad, playing dolls with your sister, or climbing trees with your brother?  Now think about how many of those memories would be drastically different if one of those members of your family were taken from you at a young age.  Would that have changed your milestone memories?


There are thousands of children in the Quad City Area(QCA) who are living the reality of no longer having a beloved family member they were born into the world with.  These children have to cope with reality at a very young age.  As adults who grieve, we have a better knowledge of how to handle emotions, and it is still tough.  Children have even less knowledge about dealing with these  emotions as well and are overlooked during devastating times.  The Ride with Kelly Foundation (RWK) stands to help these at-risk QCA children succeed.


The RWK Foundation was founded in January, 2010, by Mark McQuate and family and friends who were impacted by the early death of Kelly McQuate.  She was a loving mother of three boys and a step-daughter.  After seeing the emotional struggles that her children experienced, it was decided to take a step to help other QCA children who were experiencing the same traumatic issues.


Our Mission

The RWK Foundation mission is to assist children financially/emotionally who are grieving the loss of a parent(s) or sibling (s).  The Foundation has supported children in the following ways:

·          Provided support for college

·          Provided funds for funeral expenses

·          Paid for family expenses to provide shelter for surviving children while the family faced hardships

·          Funded Rick’s House of Hope grievance camp for children, provided the center with art supplies and tools to assist with the development of dealing with emotions

·          Directed families to seek counseling through local organizations


How You Can Help?

The RWK Foundation holds two events a year, with hopes to increase the number.   We look for a variety of ways to support our cause.

Sponsorships/Fundraising:  The RWK Foundation is looking for community and corporate sponsors, volunteers and donations.


Referrals:  The Foundation is asking for your help to get our word out to those in need.  The RWK Foundation only makes contacts with families that are referred, that request a call, or that make direct contact.


If you are interesting in volunteering, providing a sponsorship, or making a direct donation, or making a referral, please contact the RWK Foundation at the following:

Phone: 309.373.9300; Mailing Address: PO Box 6946,   Rock Island, IL 61201

 Ride With Kelly Foundation, Inc